What dream interpretation tells you about your subconscious? – Reprogram Subconscious Mind What dream interpretation tells you about your subconscious? – Reprogram Subconscious Mind

Many people are surprised at the phenomenon that many dreams have come true. One question was raised: does subconscious power really take part in dream interpretation and actualization?

Not only humans but animals are also frequently visited by dreams. There have been lots of research carried out by scientists about dream interpretation. By doing so, many assume that dreams come true is due to the binding of real information to the unconscious when we sleep.

Human subconscious through dreams

According to experts, we go to sleep unconsciously. However, our subconscious still functions, along with other organs in the body to ensure life. The subconscious affects dreams and memories which are already stored in the brain. The subconscious is the storage room for memories is one thing that we may already know. But do you believe that, at the same time, our subconscious is also created by repeating actions and things in consciousness? Let us spend some time on dream interpretation and explore the mystery of dreams.

Human subconscious controls dreams

It is possible to influence the subconscious by making conscious decisions. This is the place where dreams are created when we are sleeping and our consciousness is at rest. Research has shown that each of us spends an average of one-third of our time sleeping and a fifth of that time dreaming. However, there are dreams that we remember every detail, but there are also very vague dreams that we cannot remember at all when we wake up.

Lucid dream

This is a dream in which we are in a state of insight, that is, we know we are dreaming. Through dream interpretation, scientists call this a mixed state of awakening consciousness and dream consciousness.

Another thrilling phenomenon is sleep paralysis, often accompanied by general paralysis and nightmares. Besides, this phenomenon also leads to emotional disturbances and we being indistinguishable between our dream state or awakening state.

In lucid dreams, we are aware of our dream state

In a lucid dream, the dreamer can partially control his or her role in the dream and influence the phenomena and events of the dream. Not only that, but they can also logically think and recall memories much more easily than when they are in the real life.

Ordinary dream

This is a dream where the dreamer only acts as an observer and does not change any events of the dream. Scientists carry out the dream interpretation and determine whether the dreamer is having a lucid or normal dream. They conclude that is through the dreamer’s eye movement while sleeping. Usually, the person with a lucid dream has strange eye movements, twice to the left and twice to the right after that. Meanwhile, the person with an ordinary dream does not show those abnormal signs.

Through this study, experts discovered that the brain can convert lucid dreams into normal dreams. This process is done by increasing activity in the prefrontal brain region. The lucid dreamers also have regions of the brain that determine our cognitive function and logical reasoning. You may doubt it, but this function is as powerful as they were when they are awake.

Ordinary dreams can turn into lucid dreams

Have you ever tried dream interpretation and hoped that your dreams one day become true? Let’s keep thinking about it and let it carve in your subconscious. If you want to exploit your subconscious power to the best, our amazing app Reprogram subconscious mind is available for download. Do not hesitate to experience and explore the unseen sides of your capability.

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