How does dream interpretation explain lucid dreams? – Reprogram Subconscious Mind How does dream interpretation explain lucid dreams? – Reprogram Subconscious Mind

People with lucid dreams have the ability to realize that they are dreaming, and can even control the course of the dream. Not everyone can get lucid dreams, but there are ways to increase the likelihood of having them. By dream interpretation, we can understand better the definition of lucid dreams, and the common useful methods we can apply to get such kind of dreams.

What is a Lucid dream?

You find yourself sitting in the classroom. The teacher suddenly calls you to do one of the exercises. You feel anxious because you have not done the homework yet. Then you still do not understand anything about this exercise after re-reading it. You look around, all the other students have finished their assignments. You sweat and your hands start to shake. Then you suddenly remember you graduated already. So this turned out to be a dream. You breathe a sigh of relief and feel calm down. Everything went well after that. You complete assignments, get high scores.

This is one of the examples of lucid dreams. Simply put, a lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. In some cases, the dreamer can even control his own actions, keep an eye on the developments.
Researchers think that understanding lucid dreams can bring new discoveries about the human subconscious. In addition, dreaming of lucid dreams can bring special benefits. This is a therapy to recur nightmares caused by depression and PTSD. Researchers suggest that this approach may help restore bodily functions.

How to get a lucid dream?

However, not everyone can achieve this dream state. Through a 2016 synthesis report, about 55% of people surveyed have dreamed lucid dreams during their lifetime. And 23% have lucid dreams at least once a month.
Up to the present time, there is no reliable method that can surely create lucid dreams. But with the use of a few small techniques about dream interpretation, the chances of you encountering such dreams will increase. Many people just need to practice simple exercises, such as repeating the sentence “I am sleeping. It was a dream. ” every day before falling asleep.

You can also combine such practice with a physical test when you’re not sleeping, the researchers say. When you ask yourself whether you are dreaming or awake, do one or two steps to check for things that are different from normal. Many people cannot read when they dream, while others find many odd things such as clocks turning backward. So, you just need to find a book nearby to read, or check your watch, to know if you are dreaming or not. Then, keep on dreaming and you can have an amazing adventure with your dream.

Can apps help us enter lucid dreams?

Through dream interpretation, researchers claim that these methods are quite useful for those who have already experienced lucid dreams. They will be likely to continue dreaming such dreams if applying the tips. On the contrary, those who have never experienced lucid dreaming will find it difficult to apply. Or they will have to practice continuously for many months.

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